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Rehabilitation Instructional Videos

Dr. David Huberty MD:  Instructional Shoulder Videos

My Team and I have built a set of instructional videos to help guide you through your early post -operative experience.  In addition, I would like to clarify your rehabilitation plan.  Please review the videos that I have selected for you. 


Necessary Equipment:

Therapy kits are available to assist patients with the assigned exercises. The kit is usually covered by your insurance company; however, if that is not the case, you may be able to recreate the kit in a more economical fashion. Please watch the video below to see what is included in each kit.


Sling application - Video: The Sling

- Includes: How to apply, where to position, adjustment/tensioning, how to safely remove


Managing dressings/ showering - Video: Shower

- Includes: What to expect, when to remove, when ok to shower, dressing changes


Basic stretches- 1st week post operation - Video: Basic Stretches

Includes:  how to safely remove sling, Elbow range of motion, Hand stretches, Scapular retraction


Early Rehabilitation-Stretching Program

       Video: Table slides

       Video: Wall crawl

       Video: Seated passive external rotation

       Video: Active external rotation

       Video: Rope and pulley assisted forward flexion

       Video: Internal rotation assisted with towel

       Video: Pendulums

       Video: Supive oassive external rotation


Early Rehabilitation- Strengthening Program - Video: Bicep Curls

Includes: Biceps curl, Low row w/elastic band, External rotation with elastic band, & Internal rotation with elastic band


Before starting the Advanced Rehabilitation exercises, please watch this caution from Dr Huberty:


 Advanced Rehabilitation/ Rotator cuff and Periscapular strengthening

       Video: Rotator cuff and Periscapular strengthening

       Video: Scapular retraction/Lawn mower pull

       Video: Reverse Fly

       Video: Lateral Fly

       Video: Bilateral scapular depression and retraction with elastic band

       Video: Lower Trapezius isometric


Aggressive Stretching Techniques - Video: Advanced Stretching

Includes:  Standing table slides, Forced wall crawl- recruit body weight, Door Frame stretch - (isolated external rotation, abduction/external rotation, bilateral external rotation), Internal rotation- forward bend opposite hand assisted, countertop assisted, & Sleeper Stretch