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"Dr. Huberty and the entire staff from start to finish were great. From scheduling, to providing me with information about appointments, surgery, and follow ups everything went smooth. I always had my medically questions answered. I never felt out of the loop."

"Excellent staff. Great communication about what to expect. Great outcome!"

Mark T

  • Repair to both shoulders
Shoulder Repair

Dear Dr. Huberty,

I have now experienced your surgeries to both of my shoulders.  As I have said, you have given back to me every movement of my arms.  Stunning. 

I shared with you a photo of some recent painting work that I was able to complete on our Grand Banks trawler Worthy.  This work is just one example of how I have again found success in my life activities.  I have abundant reasons to thank you,

Mark Thornburg, Ph.D.
School Psychologist, Special Education Director, retired

Kerry E

  • Rotator cuff repair, bicep tendon repair, bone spur removal
Steven wilson's photo

"I had right shoulder rotator cuff/bicep repair surgery 4 years ago and left rotator cuff surgery 3 years ago.  I could not have been happier with the outcome one year post surgery.  However, recently I went kayaking and it struck me how  good I feel  now - 100%  I am so appreciative of the work that Dr. Huberty did."



  • Rotator Cuff Repair

"Best shoulder surgeon ever. He was able to get me back to work and playing drums again."



  • Rotator Cuff Repair

"I am so incredibly happy with the restoration of full function of my shoulder and arm !
I had been misdiagnosed several years previously with 'tennis elbow' by another so called 'specialist' at another clinic.. fast forward to 2016 when , after dealing with a lot of pain along the way, it finally progressed to a full rotator tear as well as a partial tear of the biceps . Very debilitating and limited my exercise tremendously.

Dr Huberty was recommended by my physical therapist . I am so grateful for Dr Huberty's specialized focus on the shoulder. I had great care throughout my surgery and rehab. In addition to repairing the Rotator cuff and cleaning up the bone spur that contributed to it, he also repaired the partial tear of the Biceps which would surely have given me grief later.

Today ( Oct 2017 ) I am at 100 percent ROM and functionality, I can swim again and workout regularly in the gym using the pullup machine, cable machine and free weights.

Only a tiny scar remains and only because I know where to look !

I just wanted Dr Huberty to know he is the BEST in my book and can highly recommend his individualized attention to detail and excellence in care.

A happy customer , Drake, Age 64 and enjoying semi retirement without pain!"



  • Shoulder Repair

"Dr. Huberty turned a very bad situation into a miraculous one for me. I had torn and separated the labrum tendon in my right shoulder, and also had developed a large cyst in the shoulder joint due to the severe injury. The pain from this injury  was almost unbearable, and it was caused by the labral tear and by the pressure the related cyst was putting against a nerve in my shoulder. After visiting Dr. Huberty, he recommended surgery to repair the labrum and remove the cyst. I agreed and immediately after surgery I knew that I had made the right decision. The injury to my shoulder impaired my golf game, my time as a volleyball coach, player, as well my ability to continue playing basketball. Since surgery and rehab I have come full circle and participate in any activity that I  chose too. It is amazing to have my shoulder back and have such a strong repair that I can trust. Dr. Huberty and his team did an amazing job, and I am back to the activities that I so enjoy!"


Steven wilson

  • Shoulder RC, bone spur removal, bicep tendon repair, etc
Steven wilson's photo

“Dr. David Huberty was recommended and some additional research confirmed he was my doctor to trust with my active life getting back on track. From over 45 full seasons of ice hockey, a life time of several different sports my shoulder simply was all worn out and painful. After going in for a consultation and later X-rays it was more than obvious I needed surgery and soon. To make it short, he did an absolutely amazing job. I have zero pain and excellent mobility. I am proud to report I am now the #2, 2015 over 60 open class, overall finisher in the World Off Road Series of MX dirt bike racing. My rebuilt shoulder is working perfect with no pain during or after.”

Gloria N

  • Massive Rotator Cuff Repair

“It has been almost one year sense Dr David Huberty repaired my shoulder. It was a big job and I am so very happy with my results. I feel like a new person. The strength is back in my shoulder and I am able to resume a normal life doing the things I love to do. I really appreciate his gentleness and his concern for how I was doing during my recovery. Thank you so very much for a job well done. So very impressed with him and his PA John Boyle and their professionalism. Thank You!!!”

Mike Martin

  • clavicle fracture repair and rotator cuff repair
Mike Martin's photo

“After an unfortunate bicycle crash in the summer of 2012, I discovered I had broken my left collarbone. My primary care physician recommended contacting the Oregon Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Clinic about my condition and the treatment options. The importance of having a personable and skilled surgeon who specializes in shoulder injuries were qualities I was looking for in a physician. I would meet such a person in Dr. David Huberty.

After meeting with Dr. Huberty, I was impressed with his easy going personality and his competent determination. He gave me peace of mind and confidence that my collarbone could be well repaired. And just before I was taken into surgery, the thought of his saying, - I will be very careful - was comforting and put me at ease. That day, I had a Sonoma clavicle nail inserted through the fractured collarbone. Today, I am happy to say it is fully healed and the nail has been removed.

Over those 4 months from the date of surgery to the removal of the nail, Dr. Huberty monitored my progress through follow up appointments. During one appointment, Dr. Huberty diagnosed extreme weakness in my opposite right shoulder caused by a torn rotator cuff tendon. This was confirmed by MRI. I knew that the best thing was to have it repaired and had total faith in Dr. Huberty. Given the severity of the tear, David informed me of there being roughly a 50 percent chance of operatively reconstructing the entire tear. He went over all the different scenarios of performing such a delicate surgery. I agreed to have Dr. Huberty operate knowing that he would do his best for me.

On the day of surgery, Dr. Huberty proceeded to evaluate if the shoulder reconstruction would be possible. He would go on to perform a successful arthroscopic procedure. In his post operation consult with my wife, David was very happy to announce that he was able to do more than he initially hoped. Much of the procedures success would be determined by my cooperation with his post surgery treatment and physical therapy plan.

Months went by. Healing and eventually strengthening with physically therapy took place. Now I am on the road to feeling 100 percent stronger in my shoulder.

Through my 2 surgeries, Dr. Huberty maintained a skilled, business like but caring attitude while treating me. His accumulated years of medical practice and patient care along with solid communication skills helped build my trust in our doctor and patient relationship. Such physicians are rare, and I consider Dr. Huberty a true asset to the orthopedic and sports medical field.

Nan Clark

  • Rotator Cuff Repair and Bone Spur Removal
Nan Clark's photo

“After years of physically active living as well as regular wear and tear, my shoulder finally said enough. I was in Hawaii celebrating my 64th birthday when my shoulder problems came to a head and stopped me in my tracks. I contacted a doctor friend who referred me to David. He diagnosed rotator cuff tears, arthritic bone spurs and a problem with the acromion. The limitations on my life and activity level were not acceptable to me, so when David said that he could help me, I jumped at the chance. David went in and did an arthroscopic repair of these problems.

The recovery time seemed long, but it has been worth the wait. During this recovery, David kept close track of my progress postsurgery with regular appointments and evaluation at each stage. Whenever I called him with a question or concern, he responded promptly and pleasantly. He always made certain that I understood what was happening to my shoulder. Never did I feel like my questions were trivial or bothersome to him.

After several months of physical therapy and office visits, I was released to return to working with my trainer at the gym and to return to the activities I love....snorkeling, swimming, working out at the gym, hiking, gardening and the list continues! In March, 11 months postsurgery to the day, I hit the waters off Kona for a "maiden snorkel" in "small craft advisory" winds and waves with my repaired shoulder! Joy!

David truly did give me back quality of life! He worked with me every step of the way and was always optimistic and positive in his approach. He was honest about the limitations of what he had done, but never frightened me about what the future could bring. I followed his directions to a T and what he said would be is! The wait and work have been worth every stretch and exercise along the way and I continue to see improvement even today (14 months post-op.)

If you put yourself in David's hands for care, you will not be disappointed. Follow his advice and directions and before you know it, you will be able to enjoy your life activities once again.”

Debbie Cooksey

  • Frozen Shoulder

“I saw Dr. Huberty for my shoulder 3 months ago in extreme pain. While sitting in the waiting room, I was hearing good comments from other patients regarding Dr. Huberty, which helped calm some of my anxiety. After some x-rays and complete exam by Dr Huberty, I was told I had Frozen shoulder. He explained the diagnosis thoroughly to me answering all my questions. Explained all my options and what he recommended we do, before even considering surgery. (I was thankful he wasn't a jump right under the knife kinda guy) He was very compassionate regarding my pain, knowledgeable about the diagnosis and encouraging about my treatment. Yet honest of the hard road ahead to get better. John, his Physician assistant, also very knowledgeable and compassionate, gave me a shot for inflammation, (Which I will tell you was terrifying for me, but thanks to Johns ability, was NO problem) nice job John! I then started my treatment and 12 weeks later, I have 90% of my shoulder back. Although now released by Dr. Huberty, he and John both assured me if I had any questions, concerns, or needed anything to simply give them a call. I would see Dr. Huberty again if needed (although I hope not) and highly recommend he and his physician assistant to anyone seeking a knowledgeable, compassionate, thorough Doctor. They are a great team.

Best Regards,

Debbie Cooksey

Mary F

  • Both Shoulders

“I have seen Dr. Huberty with two separate shoulder injuries; both very complicated and frankly horrible. On both occasions, he looked at the MRI, and turned to me frankly sadly advising me he was sorry to have to tell me that my shoulder/s had torn rotor cuffs (? spelling), and torn or displaced bicep tendons and that I would require surgery to fix and have really extensive recoveries. He felt as bad telling me as I felt receiving the info. I had fallen on two separate occasions and seen him both times. Frankly, he couldn't believe I had done almost the same injury to the other shoulder. He very carefully and informationally went over the MRI with me, showing me all of the injury and advising what would have to be done. His office efficiently scheduled the procedures both times and things went very smoothly. My long recovery went just as he'd explained it. He saw me several times over that recovery and through physical therapy to my total recovery of both of my shoulders. His manner with his patients is really friendly while he takes great care to fully explain what the situation is. I ended our relationship (I hope), with telling him that while I really liked him and appreciated his excellent care, I hoped I never had to see him again aside from passing him in the mall or something. My shoulders are perfect. I work out and they function fine. Thanks Dr Huberty!!”

Rod Bond

  • Profound Rotator Cuff Surgery
Rod Bond's photo

“Dr. Huberty has served me for several years due to a knee injury I received in1981 prior to him joining Oregon Orthopedic and Sports Medicine.

Always during that time he was conservative in his diagnosis and recommendations. That approach served me well.

It was an automatic for me to want him to be my surgeon when I fell 15 feet off a roof in Palm Springs

Unfortunately I had many medical issues due to the fall. It was not until 90 days after the fall that I could proceed with an appointment with Dr. Huberty. He diagnosed a profound massive rotator cuff injury with severe tendon retraction.

Three of my tendons were severely torn, and had further atrophied due to my other medical issues needing to be attended to first.

He indicated that we needed to go into surgery ASAP. He operated on the next available date. My rotator cuff was even worse than he anticipated. I needed an interpositional graft of donated tissue in order to repair the torn tendons.

When I saw him after the surgery, he was as frustrated as my wife described him after the surgery. Despite a successful repair, he was frustrated that a perfect repair of my native tendons was not possible. Having almost died from my fall, I was grateful for all he did, and I was determined to do all I could to recover.

Dr Huberty hoped I could regain near normal function over much time and dedication to my rehabilitation.

I am proud to say that after 6 months of therapy, my follow up visits, and

a never give up will to recover, my shoulder is 85-90% recovered. Including my ability to begin playing golf again. I will get to 100%, God willing.

I value the incredible work and skill of Dr. Huberty and his P.A. John Boyle.

They have given me back my shoulder and normal activity. I will be forever in gratitude for their professional skill and compassionate approach to medicine.

Dr. Huberty has my absolute and unequivocal endorsement as arthroscopic surgeon professional.

Thank you again for your service.”

Jim B

  • Total Shoulder Replacement
Jim B's photo

“I am now 1-year post total shoulder joint replacement, and it was a lifestyle changing event.

I suffered an injury while skiing in 1994 and after a partial revision in 2007, I was referred to Dr. Huberty in 2011 as my shoulder continued to deteriorate. While he acknowledged my shoulder was indeed deteriorating, his thoughtful evaluation and conservative nature allowed us to jointly decide to try non-invasive treatment to postpone a total replacement as long as possible. After waiting one year, seeing the glenoid start to erode, and being in 24x7 pain from the osteoarthritis, he said it was time. The fact that Dr. Huberty did not want to do the surgery in 2011 spoke volumes to me.

I had the total replacement in November 2012, and it was a complete nonevent with regard to pain and discomfort. There was none. I did not have to take any pain medications at all upon discharge from the hospital. I started physical therapy in the hospital and one week later was in a twice weekly regime. Again, his conservative approach came through loud and clear with his guidance to the physical therapist, and I rapidly regained range of motion and strength, weeks ahead of schedule.

I have nothing but high praise for Dr. Huberty, for both his skills as a surgeon and his personal demeanor. I have full confidence recommending him to anyone with shoulder/lower extremity issues and if I find I need treatment in these areas, he's the first person I'm calling.”

Ron Smith

  • Total Shoulder replacement

“I received a very successful total shoulder replacement from Dr Huberty in June of 2013.

After a full year of researching Shoulder Surgeons I felt confident that Dr Huberty was the surgeon for me.

I appreciate that Dr Huberty did not rush me to surgery, but explained all the options that were available to me.

I did not feel any pressure, but was given the information I needed to make a decision and feel confident about my choice to have a total shoulder replacement.

The surgery was a complete success, and I would highly recommend to anyone with shoulder difficulties to seek the help of Dr Huberty. In addition to being what I believe a top Shoulder Surgeon in the country, he is kind, patient to answer questions and is excellent in directing your after care.

I would also like to say that Dr Huberty is a very meticulous surgeon and he is great to visit with you "one on one" which I really admire.

Before I saw Dr Huberty I had lost all strength and had a nearly non functioning left arm. I was in constant pain.

I now have the full use of my left arm and strength to continue working effectively and enjoying my life with little or no pain.

Kim Studebaker

  • Torn rotator cuff, ligament pulled away from the bone and shredded by bone spurs
Kim Studebaker's photo

“I had been seeing another physician for three years and had been in physical therapy most of that time. For 2 1/2 of those years I resisted being given a cortisone shot because I did not want hurt myself further since the warning pain would not be there. Then the other doctor took an MRI and told me that the cortisone might fix the issue. I was doubtful, but trusted his judgment. Six months later the pain came back with a vengeance!

At that point I researched and found Dr. Huberty. My initial screening was done by his PA John Boyle. I had with me the MRI which had been done 6 months before by the other doctor, and John pointed out how the bone spurs were shredding the tissue in my shoulder and showed me two tears instead of one! In my opinion the other doctor should have seen that and never suggested a cortisone shot. I immediately opted for surgery ASAP because no amount of therapy was going to stop those spurs from shredding the tendon.

Dr. Huberty obviously found, during surgery, that lots more damage had occurred in the last 6 months of conservative treatment. He repaired it all with only 4 little arthroscopic holes and gave me photos of the damage and the repair job.

After six months and physical therapy I am happy to say I am pain free and my shoulder feels good as new. I have my flexibility back and am starting back at the gym, building my strength back up and yes, Dr. Huberty, I am remembering to build it up slowly :-).

Dr. Huberty and PA John were both knowledgeable, caring, patient and answered any and all questions or concerns. I give them my highest recommendation and heartfelt gratitude. ”

Gary A Thompson

  • Torn Rotator Cuff; Torn Ligament; Torn Muscle and multiple bone spurs
Gary A Thompson's photo

“I injured my shoulder in a fall over 35 years ago. I finally could not stand the constant pain any longer and was referred to Dr. Huberty. He ordered an MRI and determined that multiple tendons were torn but could be repaired. I underwent surgery two days before Christmas 2014. He talked with me before the surgery and discussed the procedures that he would use to repair the damage. The surgery was successful. He provided photos to show his sewing skills. I was advised that shoulder surgery and healing is very painful. That is true. I followed all of Dr. Huberty's instructions. It was a long and painful process. I was eventually sent to therapy. I was fortunate to find a therapist who was a graduate of Dr, Huberty's skills. She received instructions from Dr. Huberty and we began the process. It took many months and daily exercises that required stretching and finally strengthening. It was a long process...but now 9 months later I can report that my shoulder is better than it has been for the last 35 years. The pain is gone and the arm has full range of motion. I can reach the middle of my back and extend my arm fully. I recently painted my home by hand (my choice). I cleaned and prepared the house and then painted it. It took five weeks. My arm performed very well and I think it is 100%. I am very pleased and wish I had of found Dr. Huberty years ago. The key was following all of the instruction and performing all of the therapy requirements. Dr. Huberty was very patient and explained in detail what to expect. What I like most was his down to earth and friendly manner. ”

Kerry E.

  • rotator cuff repair, bicep tendon repair, bone spur removal

“I had been suffering from pain in my right bicep and shoulder area for years. I had physical therapy which helped but never completely eliminated the pain. While working on a house remodel I lifted a too heavy window and felt a sharp pain in my right shoulder. Having had therapy before, I thought "I'll just do my stretches and strengtheners and it'll get better". It hurt to stretch and over the next couple of weeks, the pain got worse. I had an MRI which confirmed a rotator cuff tear, bicep tendon tear and a bone spur that was impeding movement in my shoulder.

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